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Bluetri.gif (842 bytes)A Deed of Trust securing a promissory note, or a mortgage, held by a private party, or a party who is not in the regular business of holding Trust
Deeds securing notes or mortgages is a privately held mortgage or Deed of  Trust. In the real estate business this kind of paper is often called owner
carried paper, or carried back paper.

Bluetri.gif (842 bytes)For many people one of the most difficult times in their life will be selling a home. For a real estate proffessional the stress is not any less. Hours upon hours can be spent in the hopes of closing a sale only to fall short at the end due to the inability of the potential buyer to obtain the necessary financing. This is where a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist can be an invaluable asset and tool. With the assistance of a Diversified Cash Flow Broker, the seller can now more aggressively market their property without fearing the unknowns of owner or seller carried paper, resulting in more closings all around.

Bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Business Notes are much the same for the Diversified Cash Flow
Specialist, as Real Estate Notes.

Bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Factoring has been a key to success for many businesses, for many years. In a sense, factoring allows a business to establish its own line of credit. Money to buy materials, meet payrolls, service debt, and much more! By not having to wait for an invoice to get paid, a business can quickley grow. Acquiring and filling new orders they never had the capital for before. Since this is growth above the business being done already, the costs of factoring are more than covered. Many businesses who take advantage of factoring are looked upon with respect by their clients for their smart and sound financial management. A client feels reassured when they know that your business has access to the necessary capital preventing costly delays or short orders.

When a bank loans money, if you can find a bank issuing commercial loans, a debt is created. This debt is secured by your credit and your assets. In factoring, the emphasis is not on your ability to pay, as much as it is on your clients good standing and ability to pay.

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