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Robert Isenberg
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bluetri.gif (842 bytes)As a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist I have the ability and access to broker many and varied different cash flow sources. Maybe you have a large Company who carries a lot of unpaid receivables, which end up being written off. Maybe you're a hard working individual making a good income from your work or business and you also receive a monthly pension check from the military. Maybe, you are really lucky and won the lottery! Maybe, you have the cash flow or debt instrument already and didn't know you could use it to finance your urgent needs or your fondest dreams!

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bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Collateral Based Income
bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Insurance Based Income
bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Business Based Income
bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Consumer Based Income
bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Government Based Income

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bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Many new areas of cash flow being discovered all the time. I have access to many different kinds of funding sources who are eager to work with you and your particular needs!

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