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Relators and Business

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Bluetri.gif (842 bytes)Every time you ask a client to reduce the listing price in order to attract a qualified buyer ,  YOU ARE CUTTING YOUR COMMISSIONS!!  WHY CUT YOUR COMMISSIONS??!

Bluetri.gif (842 bytes) Trying to sell a home or business?   Take the fear out of owner carried financing, and close that sale today!! There are many advantages for your proffession in using a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist.   Among the funding sources we have access to, are those who work with:


  • B - D CREDIT
  • ......and much more


Bluetri.gif (842 bytes) Adding a Diversified Cash Flow Specialist to your list of resources could mean more closings, and better commissions.   If you already have a buyer who is income qualified, and has the necessary down payment,  or more,  but just cannot credit qualify,  why let the sale walk away? Instead,  a DCFS could arrange for a simultaneous closing for the purchase of an owner carried note!  Your seller gets the cash they need,  the buyer is happy with their purchase,  and,  you get 100% of your well earned commission!

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